About Angie Connell

Hi, I'm Angie Connell. And Lentil is my oddball.

Angie Connell and her rabbit

About Angie

Angie Connell is a Melbourne based photographic digital artist who after spending the first 30-ish  years of her life being the opposite of creative,  got her calling to the art world after a fortuitous meeting with a tarot card reader.  And it all snowballed from there; after completing her diploma in photographic imaging in 2014 she went on to win various awards including AIPP Victorian and Australian Emerging photographer of the Year 2016 and AIPP Australian Pet/Animal Photographer of the Year 2017.  Angie is known for her colourful and quirky portrayal of animals and using their unique personalities as inspiration.  Since late 2017 her art practice has branched out to animal portraiture via embroidery, where despite the very different medium, her same knack of portraying their human-like oddities has endured.  In her spare time she likes to continue talking in third person and to loiter around dog parks (sometimes both at the same time) and luckily for her, she gets along  very well with all of her furry or feathered subjects, except the odd goat, they can be a grumpy bunch.

About Lentil

Lentil runs into walls... frequently

Our Story

The beginning (2013)

It was raining.  I was cold and mood was foul after spending 3 hours in the car for what should have been a 30 minute trip.  Then my heart melted. 

He was the only chocolate coloured bunny in a rescued litter of whites and greys, sitting in a corner by himself while his brothers and sisters huddled together in the other corner being cute.  His hair was dishevelled, he had a pathetic look on his face (as much as a rabbit can) and when I picked him up he snuggled his head into the nook of my arm. 

That day I learnt something about myself: I have a soft spot for reject oddballs.

2014 - present

Lentil was the beginning of my business in a major way.  I was studying photography when I got him and, while it took 6 months, my lens eventually turned towards him.  And what a joy it was to create artworks featuring my furry love.  Soon people started requesting their own Pet Art pieces, which is where Angie Connell Photography was born.   And then, due to never ending ideas turning into art, Oddball Tails was created to share my overflow of ideas.   

Rabbit Lover (ok, ok, all animals!)
Oddball imagination
Sweet potato obsession

Angie Connell and Lentil


Press Releases

//Featured in BE Creative Magazine - June 2020

//The Annual in Capture Mag - Featured in the Fine Art Category 2019

// Front cover for the AIPP Journal - Nov 2016

// The Annual by Capture Mag - Featured in the Emerging Category - 2016 and 2017

// Featured in Pet Magazine 'Life and Dogue' - 2017

// Middle Page spread in Sunday Telegraph featuring my series of the Carnival of Fur and Four legs - May 2017

// Featured in Sunday Telegraph and Adelaide Advertiser - Dec 2017

Special Awards

//Australian AIPP Creative Photographer of the Year Finalist 2019

//Australian AIPP Pet/Animal Photographer of the Year, 2017

// Australian AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year, 2016.

// Victorian AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year, 2016.

// Epson Signature Worthy Award for the 'Wicked Magician', 2016.

Be yourself! The world will adjust.
You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'
George Bernard Shaw
Has the madness got to you too?

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