Commission your very own Embroidered Pet Portraits

Why hello! So you're interested in having your pet's portrait embroidered? Go you!

Custom made embroidered pet portraits is such a fun and unique way to create a keepsake of your lovable Oddball sidekick (or sidekicks!)

Embroidered pet portraits - Here is how it works!

  1. Make your  purchase via the link below
  2. Once your purchase has been made, send me (via email) your favourite photo of your Oddball (if the photo has been taken by someone else, i.e. a professional photographer, I will need their permission to use it), your preference of a natural coloured hoop or walnut stained and any requested embellishments (see FAQ's)
  3. Indicate in the email if you are happy for me to use photos of the finished embroidered pet portrait for promotional purposes i.e. social media and website
  4. If you are looking for an embroidered pet portrait that is in an ornate frame, or if you want a different material to the natural calico, get in touch with me first so that i can let know what frames and materials are currently possible.

It's that easy!

embroidered pet portrait
embroidered pet portrait, embroidered mouse

Reference photo guidelines

Please provide a reference photograph that is:

  • Clear and sharp.
  • free of harsh shadows.  Pets are no different to humans, photos taken either in the shade, in the open on a cloudy day or with soft window light are the most flattering.
  • a close crop - including everything in the photo that you want included in your embroidered pet portrait
  • a portrait taken at eye level will translate best to an embroidered portrait.
4 inch Hoop
  • for one pet
  • suitable for short haired pets only
  • your choice of a walnut or natural coloured hoop
5 Inch hoop
  • for one pet
  • short or long hair pets
  • your choice of walnut stain or natural coloured hoop
6 inch hoop
  • for one or two pets
  • short or long haired pets
  • your choice of a walnut stain or natural coloured hoop
7 inch hoop
  • for one or two pets
  • suitable for short and long haired pets (best choice if you want two pets with long hair included)
  • your choice of walnut stain or natural coloured frame

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unsure if the reference photo is suitable?

No problem, just send the photo through and I will let you know if it is usable.  If it isn't, i'll let you know why and how to remedy the issue.

What are 'requested embellishments'?

Requested embellishments are things like having their name embroidered on the portrait.  Just let me know via the original email if you would like their name embroidered, and if so, if you would like a print font or cursive.  I will choose where to embroider the name on the embroidery so that it is balanced.

Do you ship worldwide?

I currently ship to the UK, US, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan. Shipping costs vary and you can calculate the cost to your country once you have an item in the shopping cart.  If you are not from one of these countries, email me!

How long will it take?

Embroidered pet portraits can take anywhere from 18 hours to 30hours to complete depending on their complexity.  Therefore completion time can vary from 2 to 10 weeks.  Once ordered I will let you know the approximate time that you can expect your pet portrait to be ready.

If I have reached a workload limit that will  mean that it will take longer than 10 weeks, I will be listing the pet portraits as 'sold out'.   If this is the case, feel free to sign up to the newsletter as I will be announcing there when I am relisting these items first, a few days later I will announce on Instagram.

Can you have two pets on the one hoop?

Yes you can but they need to be on a 6 or 7 inch hoop.  If they are both long haired pets then I would recommend a 7 inch hoop so that all their details can be captured in the embroidery.

How do you back your hoops?
I use a simple drawstring technique which doesn't need glue or extra material sewn to the back.  Embroidery can loosen within the hoop over time, so this way when it does it can be re-tightened without issue.
When will custom embroidered pet portraits be available again if they are listed as 'OUT OF STOCK?

I will list the commissioned pet portraits as 'out of stock' if my work load is such that it will take longer than 10 weeks to complete orders.

If they are currently listed as 'out of stock' and you are wanting to commission an embroidered pet portrait then the best thing to do is join the newsletter.  Via the newsletter I will announce when I will be relisting the pet portraits so that you can get in first!  I will then announce via social media that the listing has been reopened.

how should I care for my embroidery artwork?

Your embroidery should be displayed somewhere that is out of direct sunlight (which can over time cause the material to fade).

Embroidery can loosen over an extended time or due to rough handling.  For this reason, I do not put permanent backs on the embroidery hoop, therefore the embroidery can be tightened whenever needed.

Light dusting should be adequate to keep the embroidery clean, if for some reason it gets dirty, it can be gently hand washed.

What if i don't want my portrait in a hoop but in an ornate frame that you use for a lot of your other work?

No problem, Just send me a message to check what ornate frames i currently have in stock and we can go from there.

Got more questions?

Feel free to email me via the contact page and I will get back to you ASAP!