Animal Art in Vintage frames

Upcycled Oddballs

Old Vintage Frames + Quirky Animal Art = Up-cycled Oddball Range

Frames are collected from all sorts of dark corners and new life is given to them so that they can once again brighten a spot in someone's home.

Due to the random acquiring of frames - the majority of the pieces are one off as I may never find a frame like that again, and if I do, I may match it with a different image...

Keep in mind that due to the second hand nature of the frames, there may be imperfections in the frame (which personally I just feel adds to their charm!) but if this is a concern please read the description of the artwork in the shop as I will point out any imperfections.

If the shop is a little sparse, feel free to join the newsletter.  As I announce to all the Oddball Tails Newsletter cool kids when I am releasing new frames, so you will get first dibs!

Below in the gallery are examples of work that is or has been available for purchase.