Embroidered Animal Art – AKA Embroidered Oddballs

Embroidered Animal Art by Oddball Tails has been split into 4 categories... go to shop to see what is currently in stock.

Original Oddballs starting at
  • All original oddball pieces are generally one offs although they can be recreated at request if a piece that you have your heart set on has already sold. Keep in mind that there will be some variations from the original due to the handmade nature of embroidery.
Clowder of Cats hoops starting from
  • Meet Kaos and all her different personas!
  • Made from found 100% cotton cat material and re-vamped with embroidered embellishments.
  • Popular characters are remade but due to the nature of embroidery each one is a little different.
Sloth Tribe Embroideries starting from
  • Meet Shoomi and friends!
  • Made from acquired 100% duck cotton and revamped with embroidered embellishments.
  • Each one is a little bit different...

Custom Embroidered Pets

A unique and fun way to create a keepsake of your beloved pet oddball! Follow the link to find out all you need to know about having you pet's portrait embroidered.